Indigenous Culture, Oaxaca life

Top Ten Myths (or are they…?) of the Oaxaca Valley Pueblos



10.  The common cold is generally caused by going barefoot or drinking cold beverages.


9.  Physical ailments ranging from a stomachache to a pulled muscle can be treated with some combination of chamomile tea, Vapor-rub, Alka seltzer, and/or lime juice.


8.  If you feel inexplicably out of sorts, you might have an evil spirit inside you. To get it out, have someone rub a whole raw egg all over your body, then crack it into a glass of water and bury the contents in the yard.


7.  If you admire a cute baby but don’t touch or kiss it, your gaze will stick to it (you’ll “give it eye”), and it will be cranky later.


6.  Never get married or engaged on a Tuesday.


5.  To ward off lightening, throw two machetes down in the yard in the form of a cross.


4.  If you swim or bathe without getting your head wet, you’ll get a fever.


3. To repel flies, hang a plastic bag full of water from the ceiling, or place lime halves stuck with cloves on the table.


2. To repel witches, place an open scissor on the floor in front of each entrance to your house, or keep a black dog on the premises.


1.  If someone is roasting a rat, and you think it smells good but you’re too proud to taste it, your teeth will start falling out. The only cure?  Eat some roasted rat.

Article by Teresa Ponikvar.

Photo by Duncan Smith.

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