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Legends from Teotitlán del Valle

Here are some legends I collected from my sixth grade English students in Teotitlán del Valle. Their assignment was to ask an older person in the community to tell them a story, myth, legend, or historical anecdote from Teotitlán.

I collected the legends the kids turned in, combined some of them, edited some of them, and translated them to English. Then I put together a book of the students’ drawings and legends in English, Spanish, and Zapotec.

Full story at

Here are the legends I chose to include in the book along with some of my favorite drawings. (Note that in most cases I edited the legends lightly, but tried to maintain, for the most part, the spirit of the language used by the children. If, for instance, some events seem disconnected, or if a meter and a half doesn’t seem to you like an “enormous” height for a human being, please suspend your disbelief.)

 by Naomi Harper

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