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Pictures worth a Thousand Words

Last Friday evening we had a fabulous time sharing the photography of volunteer, Annemieke Buursink, with friends and supporters in Café Brújula.

There were visitors who had joined us on En Vía tours, students from the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, interested locals, lovers of photography, as well as curious coffee drinkers checking out the space. We were all impressed by the way Annemieke captured the strength and unique characters of the women borrowers in her photos.

Florina and Annemieke

We were delighted to welcome two of the women from the program, Florina fro

m the community of Santo Domingo Tamaltepec, and Nicholasa from Teotitlán del Valle, along with their families. Many visitors to the exhibition had the chance to chat with them about their photos, and what the photos showed; important investments they had made for their businesses with interest-free En Vía loans.

Nicolasa and family

Thanks to Café Brújula and their wonderful staff, we were able to enjoy a lovely evening with our friends and supporters in a beautiful space.

Happy Team

We thank everyone that dropped by to see the photos, have a chat, and take part in a fun raffle!

We are proud to support Annemieke in her exhibition, and encourage anyone in Oaxaca at the moment, to visit Café Brújula on Alcala and check out the photography that will be shown until April 26.

Ellen wins the raffle

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