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Fundación En Vía on CNN!

Did you see us on CNN?
A nonprofit organization in Mexico helps women in poverty by providing microloans.

Fundación En Vía was recently shown on CNN (link here), the clip also showing one of the women in our program, Guadalupe Lazo Hernandez from Teotitlán del Valle.


Guadalupe has 3 sons, and supports the family herself through her weaving after her husband died. Her eldest son helps her with weaving, but he also has plans to continue his education with the goal of perhaps becoming a doctor.

Guadalupe makes tapetes, but specializes in purses as well as wallets, cosmetic bags, and coin purses. Her work is very detailed and she prides herself on her quality and designs. She dyes her own wool, producing unique colors and weaves all of her products herself.

Guadalupe has received 3 interest free loans from En Via so far, and uses the loan money to purchase wool; and also for additional items for her bags, like leather straps, zippers and material to line the inside of bags.

At the moment she has to send her products out so the handles, the zipper, the lining and can be sewn into the bags.In the future Guadalupe would like to be able to buy a sewing machine in order to do this work herself and save on costs.
Guadalupe intends to keep utilizing En Vía loans in order to continue investing into her business, and also to be able to provide her sons with the opportunity to have a good education and pursue their dreams.

We love visiting Guadalupe on our tours, and introducing this inspirational woman to our travellers as they see first-hand the difference interest free microloans can make in small businesses.

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