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Could you be a Translator Guide?

We’re looking for volunteer Translator Guides - one of the most important jobs in En Vía!  The Translator Guides are the link between the visitors who come on our tours and the female entrepreneurs we work with.  They’re responsible for making sure the women are comfortable with this group of strangers in their home and… Continue reading Could you be a Translator Guide?

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Zapotec within Fundación En Vía

By Andrea Barriga. Andrea spent 7 months as En Vía's Communications and Responsible Tourism Intern. During this time, she also worked with the Microfinance Program and the Education Program, getting insight into the whole organization.  In honor of the International Year of Indigenous Languages as declared by the United Nations, we are dedicating a social… Continue reading Zapotec within Fundación En Vía

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As you know, here at En Vía, we are always celebrating women and sharing stories of our inspiring borrowers. Now with International Women's Day, we wanted to kick off a month of sharing personal stories so we can keep talking about how great women are while you get to know the team. As part of… Continue reading Women are INSPIRING

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A New Chapter for En Vía: An Interview with Mica and Viviana

By: Sophie Green Sophie is from Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a recent graduate of Bard College. She is currently serving as a communications intern for En Vía.  On Mica’s last full day of work, I got a chance to sit down with both her and Viviana to talk about their transitions in and out of… Continue reading A New Chapter for En Vía: An Interview with Mica and Viviana

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Some final thoughts …

As I come to the end of my time as the program manager for Fundación En Vía I am left with personal connections to our borrowers that I will never forget and invaluable experiences that will shape who I am and what I do from here on out. Getting to know the women in our… Continue reading Some final thoughts …