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The Value of VolFUNteering.

Words and photos by Eda Tajuddin. It’s crazy how quickly and how drastically your perspective can change. Quitting my job in London and moving to Mexico to volunteer was terrifying even though I was lucky enough to have the financial and moral support I needed. Still, when you’re in a bubble obsessed with job security,… Continue reading The Value of VolFUNteering.

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Getting Online in Santa María Guelacé

Words and photos by Stephanie Castellano. The afternoon heat had settled heavily over the sleepy little town of Santa María Guelacé, located just outside the city of Oaxaca. Except for the dogs lolling in scraps of shade, the dusty streets were deserted. But inside one vividly green building on the town’s main street, there was… Continue reading Getting Online in Santa María Guelacé

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Planning, participation & potential: Measuring the Impact of En Vía’s Programs

Words by Nicola Coakley. Photos by Eugenia Ricardez,  Anne-Mieke Buursink, and Katrina Perry. At the end of last year, we celebrated En Vía’s 5th birthday. As we head into the new year, and the organization's 6th year, we are excited to have the opportunity to reflect on En Vía’s growth and development and to look… Continue reading Planning, participation & potential: Measuring the Impact of En Vía’s Programs