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Death Takes a Holiday

By Susan Bean Aycock, Fundación En Vía volunteer For 24 hours starting at 3 p.m. on November 1, the cemetery of Teotitlán del Valle was empty — the departed had a day-long pass to visit their homes and families. At least that’s the belief of the people there, celebrating a long tradition of the indigenous… Continue reading Death Takes a Holiday

Oaxaca life, Women Borrowers

Lending to Women: An En Vía FAQ

Words by Stephanie Castellano. The travelers on En Vía’s microfinance tours ask a lot of questions. Don’t worry – we encourage that! The tours are meant to be an educational experience, showing travelers how En Vía is applying the concept of microfinance here in Oaxaca, and supporting local women in their endeavors to become successful… Continue reading Lending to Women: An En Vía FAQ