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Meet Anabel, Cocinera Excepcional!

Díaz Ordaz is a small village of around 6200 people, located very near to San Miguel del Valle in the foothills close to Tlacolula. Although the village does not see much tourism, it is definitely a popular community visit on our En Via tours, and if you go, drop in to eat at Anabel’s Comedor… Continue reading Meet Anabel, Cocinera Excepcional!

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Meet Sisters Silvia and Marcelina!

Silvia and Marcelina may look familiar to some of you who have been on tours with us to Santo Domingo Tomaltepec. Or maybe you just remember the incredible meal they made for lunch - perhaps you tried chile de agua stuffed with vegetables, cheese, chicken and nuts with Jamaica water to drink? You can find Silvia… Continue reading Meet Sisters Silvia and Marcelina!