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Water for Chocolate

by Tiffany Nguyen Tiffany is a 4th-year undergraduate student visiting Oaxaca from the University of Texas at Dallas, where she studies public and nonprofit management. She is delighted to get to write about Oaxaca and its wonderful traditions. On the second day of En Vía’s Feria de Artesanas Emprendedoras, Isabel Lazo Chávez brings the tools… Continue reading Water for Chocolate


Oaxaca in Liquid Form

Words and photographs by Ehren Seeland  Renowned for a stunning array of architecture, cuisine and vibrant festivities, Oaxaca is a compelling Mexican destination for travelers with a love of all things cultural. These are the aspects for which the city is most famous, however in between dance performances and devouring crispy tlayudas under the calescent… Continue reading Oaxaca in Liquid Form

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The Taste of Chocolate & Fair Trade

Join us next February 29 for a Hand Made Chocolate Demonstration, Raffle, Chocolate Drinks and Treats at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (Casa Chata) Sponsered by Instituto Cultura Oaxaca (, Fundacion En Via ( and Pla...