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A New Chapter for En Vía: An Interview with Mica and Viviana

By: Sophie Green Sophie is from Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a recent graduate of Bard College. She is currently serving as a communications intern for En Vía.  On Mica’s last full day of work, I got a chance to sit down with both her and Viviana to talk about their transitions in and out of… Continue reading A New Chapter for En Vía: An Interview with Mica and Viviana

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Getting Online in Santa María Guelacé

Words and photos by Stephanie Castellano. The afternoon heat had settled heavily over the sleepy little town of Santa María Guelacé, located just outside the city of Oaxaca. Except for the dogs lolling in scraps of shade, the dusty streets were deserted. But inside one vividly green building on the town’s main street, there was… Continue reading Getting Online in Santa María Guelacé

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Keeping Up With The Pace

Words by Marianna De Liseo. Photos by MDL, Zoe Kasperzyk, and Lene Braeutigam. Never a dull moment goes by in the En Vía office. That’s what really occurs to me when I stop to think about some of the activities we call our daily routine. “Client meeting” means an uproarious visit from Norma and her mother-in-law… Continue reading Keeping Up With The Pace

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Getting Grounded in Community: Talking about Land and Place

I’ve always lived in cities – first in Washington D.C., now at college in Chicago.  Growing up, I never really knew my neighbors. Signs proclaiming ‘Private Property: Stay Away’ were quite prevalent and the idea of sharing space was reserved for very limited areas such as public parks. As an American, I’ve often wondered if… Continue reading Getting Grounded in Community: Talking about Land and Place

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“Why Women?”

A question that comes up a lot from tour participants on the En Vía tours is: Why do we lend only to women? As Kim discussed in the blog post (“Acknowledging Relationships: The Support from Men”), even though we work primarily with women, men do form a vital part of the communities in which we… Continue reading “Why Women?”