Oaxaca at Street Level

Words and photographs by Ehren Seeland “Gas! Agua! Tamales!” It’s 9am on a Monday morning in Oaxaca, a UNESCO World Heritage City in Mexico with a population of roughly a quarter of a million people. Fuschia-tinted blooms sashay overhead as I glide past a rotating selection of street vendors who call out offerings over incomprehensible… Continue reading Oaxaca at Street Level

Oaxaca life

Graffiti in Oaxaca

When I arrived in Oaxaca almost four months ago, my eyes were drawn to the walls of the buildings around the city, as much of outdoor wall space is covered in graffiti. The graffiti of Oaxaca seems to range greatly in creativity, color, emotion, and general purpose. The Concise Encyclopedia of Merriam-Webster.com gives this description… Continue reading Graffiti in Oaxaca