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En Vía in times of COVID-19

Usually on this blog we bring you stories of joy and positivity, of women who found empowerment and a brighter future. We love to tell you about motivation, inspiration and the power of seemingly small actions being able to influence a whole community’s wellbeing. But in these trying times, where nearly everybody in the world… Continue reading En Vía in times of COVID-19

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Why we stay inside for gender equality

Strolling through the streets, soaking up the sun, letting your thoughts wander, enjoying a wonderful day in Mexico. Or going to school, eager to learn, to shape your mind. Or maybe going home from a long day working at the market, ready to rest your feet. Just living your normal life, nothing you should have… Continue reading Why we stay inside for gender equality

A front view photo of a colorful mural on one of the streets in Santo Domingo Tomaltepec. On it, a face, a bird, a cat, and a sign that says UNIDAD POPULAR.
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El Amor y El Viento

por Tiffany Nguyen Tiffany is a fourth-year undergraduate at the University of Texas at Dallas, and she is studying public and nonprofit management. She interned with En Vía this summer, and she fell in love with Oaxaca! She hopes to come back soon to visit all the great people she met while in Mexico. After… Continue reading El Amor y El Viento