Oaxaca in Liquid Form

Words and photographs by Ehren Seeland  Renowned for a stunning array of architecture, cuisine and vibrant festivities, Oaxaca is a compelling Mexican destination for travelers with a love of all things cultural. These are the aspects for which the city is most famous, however in between dance performances and devouring crispy tlayudas under the calescent… Continue reading Oaxaca in Liquid Form

Indigenous Culture

The Gifts from the Beloved Cacti

Did you know that in the U.S., August is National Cactus, Celery, and Fennel Month?  Very exciting, I know.  Let us take this opportunity to celebrate the many gifts bestowed upon us by the cacti of Oaxaca. On my very first weekend in Oaxaca, I was wandering by Santo Domingo (the church in the center… Continue reading The Gifts from the Beloved Cacti