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Water for Chocolate

by Tiffany Nguyen Tiffany is a 4th-year undergraduate student visiting Oaxaca from the University of Texas at Dallas, where she studies public and nonprofit management. She is delighted to get to write about Oaxaca and its wonderful traditions. On the second day of En Vía’s Feria de Artesanas Emprendedoras, Isabel Lazo Chávez brings the tools… Continue reading Water for Chocolate

Oaxaca life

Adventures in Mole: Seven Reasons to Embrace Oaxaca

Words and photographs by Ehren Seeland Dunking a piece of tortilla into a bowl of velvety sauce, I place a section of chicken in the center, wrapping the edges over both sides like a spicy chili-chocolate sleeping bag. With this, I ingest the last of my mole negro from a vendor at the organic market… Continue reading Adventures in Mole: Seven Reasons to Embrace Oaxaca