Indigenous Culture

Insight into indigenous law

By Jonathan Goren After four years of practicing corporate law at a large firm in New York City, two weeks ago I moved to Oaxaca to volunteer with Fundación En Via. I have found myself learning about a very unique system of law utilized by the ind...

Tour Alumni

Confessions of a serial En Via tour participant

By Cynthia Hibbard I was an eager, serial En Via tour participant - six villages in the greater Oaxaca Valley in three, consecutive trips. If I'd had more than a few weeks in Oaxaca I would have gone more. For travelers, En Via really is the most ...

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Como un Chile Verde: An Appetite for Sharing and Connecting in Oaxaca.

By Kim Groves Food. It is deliciously intimate, public, and shared. It is sensual, spicy and messy. It provokes conversation, and encourages us to stop and look around at our companions. In Oaxaca, Mexico, food and eating form an essential part to...