A scene of the mountains and a field in Santo Domingo Tomaltepec.
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Buscando a Angélica

por Tiffany Nguyen Tiffany is a 4th-year undergraduate student visiting Oaxaca from the University of Texas at Dallas, where she studies public and nonprofit management. She is so grateful to be here and to get to know the city and its residents. When I visited Angélica, she admitted to me that she and other women… Continue reading Buscando a Angélica

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Top Ten Myths (or are they…?) of the Oaxaca Valley Pueblos

Article by Teresa Ponikvar. Photo by Duncan Smith. 10. The common cold is generally caused by going barefoot or drinking cold beverages. 9. Physical ailments ranging from a stomachache to a pulled muscle can be treated with some combination of cha...