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Lending to Women: An En Vía FAQ

Words by Stephanie Castellano. The travelers on En Vía’s microfinance tours ask a lot of questions. Don’t worry – we encourage that! The tours are meant to be an educational experience, showing travelers how En Vía is applying the concept of microfinance here in Oaxaca, and supporting local women in their endeavors to become successful… Continue reading Lending to Women: An En Vía FAQ

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Getting Online in Santa María Guelacé

Words and photos by Stephanie Castellano. The afternoon heat had settled heavily over the sleepy little town of Santa María Guelacé, located just outside the city of Oaxaca. Except for the dogs lolling in scraps of shade, the dusty streets were deserted. But inside one vividly green building on the town’s main street, there was… Continue reading Getting Online in Santa María Guelacé

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Maribel’s Aborrote in Abasolo

It’s worth visiting Maribel’s abarrote (small grocery store) in San Sebastian Abasolo for your essentials – cold drinks, pasta, varieties of packaged chips and biscuits, soap and toothpaste; but make sure you time your visit for after 5pm each day. At 5pm the flatbed truck delivers freshly baked bread from Santo Domingo Tomaltepec, and as… Continue reading Maribel’s Aborrote in Abasolo

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Reflection from a Volunteer

By Madeleine Spencer After four months of volunteering with Fundación En Via I m still not sure how to adequately express my feelings towards this growing organization and the women who are a part of it. In fact it wasn't until I left Oaxaca for...

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2012: Brings New Loans

By Julia Turnbull; Photos by Jim Ryce On Saturday, three borrowers received their first group of tourists in Teotitlán del Valle. Juana, Rosalia, and Josefa learned about En Vía from relatives who have successfully built up their businesses with i...