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Giving Back to Oaxaca

By Newell Searle Retired, lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota, when he is not in Mexico. Oaxaca offers the traveler a wealth in color, artisan crafts, outstanding food, and courteous hosts. This is a welcoming place for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. If you plan to stay in Oaxaca a while, consider giving… Continue reading Giving Back to Oaxaca

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School’s out for the Holidays!

By Heather Hutcheson Volunteer English teacher Heather reflects on her classes in the town of Tlacochahuaya as lessons come to an end for the holidays, and she says goodbye for now to her wonderful little students. We know the kids will miss comin...

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The Macro-impact of Micro-finance

Story and photos by Julia Turnbull On the T in Boston in May, I told someone about my plans to spend the summer in Oaxaca with Fundación En Vía, helping them with their interest-free microfinance program. Interest-free microfinance? My travel comp...

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English Classes in Teotitlán: How Friendly Students Find Us

Story by Chris McCoy and photo by Kim Groves The other day I was waiting for a bus, when I heard a man behind me say in English, “Excuse me, what time is it?” I looked at my watch and even though he asked me in English, for some reason I tried to ...

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Teaching English with En Via

Story by Andy Healy and Photos by Kim Groves and Julia Turnbull How I got into teaching English with En Vía was really straightforward. Living in Oaxaca, I wanted to do something useful. I searched Google for “voluntary work in Oaxaca” and here I ...